The people of Château Jouvente

The irresistible Château Jouvente

From the very first visit to the Château Jouvente in May 2015, the Gutmann family from Paris fell in love. They were particularly impressed by the work of its predecessors, the quality of its wines and the expertise of the technical team led by Olivier Bernadet.

David and his son Benjamin, both manage the Château Jouvente. They wanted to build a family company around three important factors: land, life and the development of a fine product. Château Jouvente is therefore a place for family gatherings as well as for producing wine. In June 2016, an emotional yet well thought-out decision turned a simple dream into reality.

Father and son

Château Jouvente is above all, a family story. David and his three sons are the owners and associates.

David is an adviser on management and transformation for large-scale institutions. Hailing from a rural, leather-making family, he discovered wine in 1969. He was 19 years old at the time and had an epiphany while visiting a Pomerol winery. Since the 1970s, he has been investing in wine-related financial groups. For the last 15 years or so, David has been dreaming of acquiring a terrain which would also serve as a place for family gatherings.

The Gutmann family took the leap in 2016. David was quickly joined by his youngest son, Benjamin, who is 30 years of age and for whom 2016 is a year of transformation; he discovered a new profession and would become a father during the grape harvest. Up until now, Benjamin worked in the field of administration at a public ministry supporting small and medium business exports, and then moved on to the international relations division.

A number of factors led him to join his father in the management of Château Jouvente:

  • As a fun-loving, food connoisseur, he loves wine just as his father does;

  • The desire to work with his father. In this sense, wine is a means of transmission and filiation;

  • The will to start on a new career. He has always wanted to take on different jobs in his professional life. After his experience in the public service as a chargé de mission, he wanted to gain entrepreneurial experience.

Managing a winery is a revelation for Benjamin. With this new profession, he has made a 180-degree shift. Encouraged by his team’s experience, he enjoys creating synergies and building his work around complementarity, initiative-taking and consultation.

The Château Jouvente Team

Olivier Bernadet has provided technical leadership for the Château Jouvente since 1995. He started working with the estate a few years after the first vine plants were laid down in 1990. His strong attachment to Château Jouvente has helped him acquire in-depth knowledge of its landscape and vines. Olivier has always prioritised quality and the importance of collective work. As a producer of Sauternes wine himself, Château Jouvente and his own Château Roumieu go hand in hand.

On a day-to-day basis, Olivier is joined by Jean-Pierre Aguilar, an agriculturist who has been working on the estate for over 20 years. Marie Tresmontan has just joined the Jouvente team right in time for the harvest and winemaking.

Nathalie Taris came on board as sales officer and accountant to the Jouvente team. She made her debut in the world of wine 22 years ago and had worked as Sales Officer at the Maison des vins de Graves for two decades. As ambassador of this magnificent appellation, Nathalie has always loved sharing her knowledge with as many people as possible. In 2016, she decided to focus her energies on Château Jouvente because of its high-quality wines, the estate’s natural charm and the family dimension. Her commercial expertise will contribute to Château Jouvente’s development.

Objectives of Château Jouvente
The new owners wish above all to keep a certain continuity with respect to the safe and in good condition of the production house. Olivier Bernadet continues his diligent management of the winemaking process from vine to bottle while the exciting Philippe Dulong remains our oenologist.

Château Jouvente possesses the wine-making and technical resources to become a leading wine in the Graves region. Our aim is to pursue the development of our wine quality and reputation through plot by plot work, manual work, and sustainable agriculture at this stage. The identity of Château Jouvente revolves around quality, respect for the land and the desire to pass on knowledge.